Do you play in small private parties ?

Yes, we play in all kinds of different settings, it doesn‘t matter if it‘s a large public event or a small private event.


Do you play in weddings ?

If the customer appreciates good music - we do so with great pleasure.


What sort of services do you offer ?

 A standart service package for an event:

  • Live music performance (chosen program)

  • Event lighting and sound

  • Dj music through out the event and an one hour after the concert​


Extra services:

  • Dj disco 

  • Individual music numbers and a customisable programme

  • Assisting other artists and hosts


What are the prices for you services ?

The price is determined on every individual case, it depends on the date of the event, the place, the needs of the host. Please get in touch to get a quote.


Do you manage events ?

We can recommend event managers for different budget options that we have worked with before and would highly recommend.

How long are your live programmes?

In every case it depends on the agreement with the host. A single section of an event is 45min. and there can be as many sections as requested. Different variations can be arranged.

Is it possible to choose the repertoire ?

Absolutely, we coordinate the program in every occasion. Our repertoire is very wide and constantly updated to include songs that the host wishes to hear. After discussing the details of the occasion, we form an individual program for your event. You will have the opportunity to hear your favorite songs.


Do you play during wedding ceremonies ?

Yes, we offer a wide selection of different musical genres and styles depending on the structure of the band. We offer an extensive instrumental music program for a ceremony not held in a church space.


What is the band structure for an instrumental programme ?

The number of performers and instruments can be selected depending on the preferred genre (jazz,classical,pop) and the setting (concert, background,ceremony). Instruments to choose from: saxophone, keyboard, violin, bass guitar, drums.


Do you perform with your own sound system or does it need to be rented separately ?

We work with our own audio equipment (5kW – 30kW), so it doesn‘t need to be rented separately. We can also cover the audio for the entire event in different places at the same time.

Do you provide the sound system and audio separately ?

Yes. With our audio and lighting we can cater to smaller and larger events.                      


How much does the program cost without sound and lighting equipment ?

The selected program‘s price without sound and lighting would depend on the number of performers (one musician‘s fee – 250 EUR), the duration of the show, the event location and date. In this case you would have to cater to our provided Raider (musical instrument and technical service list).


Is it possible to hire just the DJ for an event ?



Do you sign a contract ?



What are the booking conditions ?

A reservation after for a specific date is guaranteed a mutual cooperation agreement is signed and a payment is deposit. The agreement can be signed after meeting in person, or if you are abroad – electronically.

Would you travel to different cities/places in Lithuania ?

Yes, we go on distant concert tours, in such cases, we require a place to sleep.